A Note of Thanks From Tracy Elmore, 2020 STEM Educator of the Year


I want to thank S.C. Future Minds, Comporium, STEM Centers of S.C. and SCETV for this amazing opportunity to learn, grow and share about the importance of STEM Education. This recognition does not belong to me, it belongs to the thousands of students across our state who need STEM education. With our ever changing world, the answers are no longer yes/no, true/ false, or a,b,c. We have to teach our students how to think critically, problem solve, collaborate, and communicate with others. We need STEM across the state in all schools for all students. The role of businesses and community members providing resources to our schools is vital to education, helping our students become successful life long STEM learners. We need advocates for STEM education because STEM careers are one of the fastest growing and best paying careers in the 21st century. Why wouldn’t we want to do anything and everything we can to ensure our students are prepared for these jobs. I believe the partnerships between schools and businesses who are investing in our students by providing resources (expert guest speakers, materials or even finances) are imperative to successful STEM education. I am honored to be an advocate for STEM as the SC STEM Educator of the Year.

Thank  you!

Tracy Elmore, 2020 STEM Educator of the Year

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