About Us

Our Vision

SC Future Minds envisions a public education system that equips each and every student with the tools, knowledge, and attitude for success in work or post secondary education.

Our Mission

SC Future Minds champions world class student achievement by supporting excellence in teaching, encouraging collaboration among public education stakeholders, and connecting private financial support to public schools.

Our Unique Position

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works with every school district in the state as well as many of South Carolina’s top businesses, we serve as an important vehicle for much-needed investments in the state’s teachers, schools, and students.

Our Guiding Principles

  • SCFM exists to benefit all children of South Carolina.
  • SCFM seeks to raise the educational aspirations of the state.
  • SCFM is an advocate for excellence in public education and a catalyst for growth and beneficial change through the public education system.
  • SCFM gives priority consideration to programs that serve students, teachers, and schools in areas of greatest need in the state, as well as to programs that are sustainable and have a potentially broad impact upon public education.
  • SCFM works with a wide variety of partners, including the State Department of Education, in order to optimize resources and maximize collective impact.
  • SCFM works to elevate the teaching profession, including by emphasizing the recruitment, retention, and recognition of excellent educators.
  • SCFM supports equity of access to excellent, effective education for all public education students in South Carolina.


Our Programs: Investing in South Carolina’s Future Minds

South Carolina’s public education system is the incubator of our future–and yet, we face systemic challenges–funding inequities, teacher shortages, and outdated infrastructure, to name a few–that keep our children from achieving their potential.

But here’s the good news: we are a state rich in resources and untapped connections.  SC Future Minds endeavors to leverage both as we dramatically improve public education in our state.  Here are just a few of our major programs:

The Teacher Campaign: We know a talented teacher can and will change the course of a child’s life.  That is why we are proud to connect private resources to public schools, with the goal of investing in how our state recruits, trains, and retains public school educators.

SC Future Minds hosts South Carolina’s Teacher of the Year celebration with the SC Department of Education, the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement (CERRA), and the state’s leading businesses who share our belief that an investment in public school educators is an investment in a more competitive and just future for our children.

SCFM also manages a year-round #teacherhero campaign, in which we profile incredible educators who have chosen to serve their communities and their state through the profession of teaching.  We encourage you to follow their stories on our Facebook page.

My First Library: Early childhood literacy is critical to every student’s success.  We are proud to partner with Bojangles’ and other community partners to bring ten books to every upcoming first grade in selected at-risk schools through our My First Library Program.

WhatWorksSC: We know that great public education programs exist throughout South Carolina, but too often they do not have the financial support or network to deepen their impact.  With that in mind, SC Future Minds works closely with the Riley Institute at Furman University to identify, assess, and reward successful programs that are making a significant impact in students’ lives.  With our help, these programs can serve even more children and continue to improve outcomes in our public education system.  Join us at our annual WhatWorksSC luncheon featuring former U.S. Secretary of Education Dick Riley and education leaders.

A Community Foundation for Education: We believe that small operations can have major impact; that’s why SC Future Minds hosts funds for public education programs that may not have the staff capacity to manage their resources with best in class accountability and transparency.  To learn more about SC Future Minds’ services–including our online donation platform and long-term fund management, please email info@scfutureminds.org.