Amy Dherit, Spartanburg County School District 2’s Teacher of the Year
Amy teaches 6th-8th grade science at Boiling Springs Middle, showing her students that there are many paths in life. Here is a bit of her story:
“Becoming a teacher became apparent right after my youngest son was born, when my oldest son and I participated in a weekly playgroup. When I would host it at my home, I began with questions. What will be the focus of the play group? What activity connects and keeps the kids entertained and busy? What will they learn from it? I would formulate an objective for the week’s activity and I would search for an activity that fostered some sort of skill or discovery. A friend who taught elementary school discussed her plans to start a Mother’s Morning Out at her church and asked me to consider teaching the three-year-old class. With a whim and desire to play and learn creatively, I fulfilled my passion by working with children.
The most satisfying part of my day is the beginning of every class. We review the day before, go over the current day’s agenda, and get to see the excitement in the student’s faces about getting their STEM on! To anyone interested in becoming an educator, ‘You can count the number of seeds in an apple but you can’t count the number of apples in a seed.’ One teacher can literally have an exponential impact– as teachers, we are growing 21st Century graduates, and there is no way of knowing the magnitude of fruit that our efforts will produce. Go for it! Make a difference! Every student’s success fuels my purpose and passion.’”

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