Back to School Reflections by Interim Executive Director Debbie Jones

Just about 18 years ago today I walked through the doors of Carver Elementary School in Florence and nervously handed my oldest son over to the care of Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Lucious. As we walked into the classroom we were immediately greeted by smiles and welcoming words from them both, simultaneously putting us both at ease.

As I reflect back on the many “meet the teacher” nights I have attended, it is the teacher that sets the tone for the school year. Teachers are on the frontline and serve as counselors, surrogate parents, mentors and innovators all in one day. During this back-to-school season let’s reflect on how we can support our teachers, from helping to #ClearTheLists, volunteering in the classroom, attending a school board meeting, or just saying thanks. With 7,300 teachers leaving their positions in 2017-18 it is now more important than ever that we show them our appreciation every month of the year.

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