Caroline Weathers, Dorchester School District Four’s Teacher of the Year
Caroline is an enthusiastic 7th grade science teacher at St. George Middle School! Here is a bit of her story:
“I had a fleeting thought for a while when I was four that I wanted to teach art, but it wasn’t until I was in graduate school in Athens, GA, that the idea became action. I was volunteering as a gardener with the Boys and Girls Club of Athens and teaching an undergraduate class at the same time. It was clear that I loved teaching, but I really wanted to work with children!
The BEST part of my day is saying each student’s name and making eye contact with them at the same time. I read once that some students in middle and high school can go through an entire day without having a teacher say their name. That’s not going to happen under my watch. I’ll loosely quote a veteran teacher at my school, ‘love students where they are, and drop all expectations. Most students are excited to learn, and they will absolutely surprise you. Never make learning a punishment; it should only be fun and magical.’
Unfortunately, the hardest thing about teaching is time. Time is not on my side. I never know where the time goes. 12-year-olds are creative, overflowing with ideas, and far cooler than most adults (with far more years ahead of them). There is more knowledge imparted to me from them than vice-versa. I have never been so well-versed in science, and it’s because my students’ level of inquiry pushes me to be smarter.”

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