Chesley Geyer, Lexington School District Two’s Teacher of the Year
Chesley is a 3rd grade teacher at Pineview Elementary, fostering a community of intellect and positivity. Here is a bit of her story:
“I have wanted to be a teacher since first grade. My best friend and I would set up a school room on my front porch to teach our younger neighbor after school. We stayed after school to help our teachers almost every day. I used to ask for chalkboards and accessories with it for Christmas.
The best part of my day is when my students are totally immersed in learning and eager about whatever project or study we are engaged in at the time. I love to watch them yearn for knowledge. I also enjoy not only helping students meet their educational goals but also watching them grow as people. I love impacting their lives and fostering a love of learning and kindness and respect towards others.
Teaching is not an easy profession. To anyone interested in teaching–accept that you do not know everything and will need to be a lifelong learner yourself. You cannot enter teaching seeking monetary rewards, but the benefits and sense of fulfillment far outweigh the hardships.”

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