Comporium, SC Future Minds, and SC Coalition for Mathematics & Science Announce STEM Teacher of the Year Award

March 7, 2018


Comporium, SC Future Minds, and SC Coalition for Mathematics & Science Announce STEM Teacher of the Year Award

Award to recognize unique attributes of public school educators cultivating next generation of STEM leaders 

Columbia, SC—As part of the first ever STEM education day at the State House, leading communications company Comporium, SC Future Minds, and South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science (SCCMS) today launched South Carolina’s first ever STEM Teacher of the Year Award.

Following Governor McMaster’s proclamation of March 7th as STEM Education Day in South Carolina, SC Future Minds Executive Director Caroline Mauldin announced the creation of a new statewide award to recognize the unique attributes of STEM teachers in our public schools, such as fostering creativity in problem solving and encouraging analytic thinking among PK-12 students.

South Carolina faces two converging challenges for the future of its students and workforce: first, a critical shortage of public school educators, particularly in STEM areas; and second, the changing nature of jobs requiring advanced understanding of STEM content areas and the skills required to tackle complex problems. The state will need to significantly increase its number of STEM educators in order to meet the demands of an evolving economy.

“Recognition of outstanding STEM teachers is critical as we seek to recruit and retain top-notch educators in our public schools,” said Mauldin. “Our students need STEM teachers now more than ever, and we are grateful to the award’s founding sponsor, Comporium, for both recognizing and funding this important new effort.”

Founded 123 years ago in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Comporium is a family-owned diversified communications company now employing 1100 people in nine counties across the state.  Their investment in the STEM Teacher of the Year award represents the long-term thinking required for sustaining and strengthening the state’s public education system. “Our future is sitting in public school classrooms across South Carolina, and we are proud to be supporting the extraordinary educators who are cultivating STEM-oriented thinking in the next generation,” said Comporium’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Dosch.

The STEM Teacher of the Year award will be developed over the next year by SC Future Minds and SCCMS, with input from state business leaders and current STEM teachers. The first award will be presented during the 2018-2019 school year.  For information on how to get involved with the award, interested stakeholders are encouraged to contact SC Future Minds.

The STEM Education Day at the State House was coordinated by South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science, which also announced five grand challenges for STEM in South Carolina and is credited with driving a comprehensive STEM agenda across the state. “The Governor’s proclamation of STEM Education Day and Comporium’s announcement are milestones as we position South Carolina as a national leader on STEM efforts,” remarked Dr. Thomas Peters, Executive Director of SCCMS.


About South Carolina Future Minds

SC Future Minds believes that public schools are the incubators of South Carolina’s future. Most well-known for hosting the state’s Teacher of the Year gala with the State Department of Education and leading businesses, the organization champions world class student achievement by supporting excellence in teaching, encouraging collaboration among education stakeholders, and connecting private financial support to public schools. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works with every school district in the state and top businesses, SC Future Minds serves as a vehicle for much-needed investments that strengthen the continuum of public education in South Carolina.

About Comporium

Comporium, Inc., headquartered in Rock Hill, S.C., is a diversified, privately-held communications company providing broadband, TV, voice, wireless, smart home systems and advertising services throughout the Carolinas. Comporium seeks opportunities to invest in, and integrate, technologies on The leading edge of innovation. Comporium creates partnerships with companies providing fiber transport and business solutions, data storage and managed services, smart devices and connected home/car services, and digital signage. For more information, please visit

About South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science

South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics & Science (SCCMS) is an alliance of partnering organizations and initiatives focused on promoting economic development through improving Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in schools and other learning places.

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Caroline Mauldin
Executive Director
SC Future Minds

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