David Whitmire, Abbeville County School District’s Teacher of the Year
David is a passionate 4th grade ELA and social studies teacher at Westwood Elementary. Here is a bit of his story:
“In my ninth-grade art I class, my teacher asked me to go around the room and offer to help anyone who looked like they needed it. I learned that I could show other students, even a senior, something to help them overcome a challenge. It was a road less traveled moment for me. The path for my future was clearly visible…I was going to become a teacher.
The most satisfying part of my day is the point in the afternoon, usually around five o’clock, when I turn off the lamp in the back of the room and get ready to walk out of my room for the day. I look around and get that sense that I have everything prepared for the students to be successful the next day.
To anyone seeking to become an educator I would say, ‘have a passion for something to keep you motivated through the tough times. Teaching is hard, but it is totally worth it.’ The tough part is that I know there is never enough that I can do to prepare my students for their future, but I love that I get to work with children every day of my career.”

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