Education for the Economy


In the past year, South Carolina Future Minds has expanded our scope to address not only the needs of students and teachers currently in our school system, but also the policies that, left unchanged, will preclude better outcomes for tomorrow’s kids.

Our new initiative, Education for the Economy, is the state’s first business-led advocacy initiative for public education in three decades. Through E4E and with partners across the state, we are building the economic case for smart public ed policies (like improving teacher compensation and fully funding early literacy, among others), translating research for SC’s policymakers (which all-too-often sits untouched in PDFs or dust-collecting-binders), and, critically, mobilizing business leaders to throw their weight behind long-term investments in public education that will—surprise!—also support their economic growth long into the future.

South Carolina Future Minds believes that:

1) the moral imperative to better educate our children has never been more urgent/important for our state and nation;

2) if we’re going to get anything done in our beloved SC, we must ALSO make the *business* case for a stronger, more equitable system. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a roadmap to working with business, education, and government leaders to find and IMPLEMENT solutions for our kids and communities.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in joining us.