Erin Fox, Cherokee County School District’s Teacher of the Year
Erin is a 9th-10th grade english teacher at Gaffney High School. She is also a finalist for 2017 SC Teacher of the Year! Congratulations!
“I first decided to become a teacher during my ‘Women in Literature’ class, which was the only class where felt like I could be expressive and creative. I realized I wanted to provide that same opportunity to high school students so that they could learn to analyze literature and express their thoughts in writing.
I love opportunities to laugh with my students as we interact with the literature and with writing, and I love the challenge of trying to make it relevant in their lives. I also love running with my cross-country runners every afternoon. Those are some of the brightest moments of my day because I have another chance to help students push themselves further and become stronger and better.
To anyone interested in being a teacher I would tell them, ‘fall in love with your work, and don’t just go through the motions or be lukewarm about what they do. You should give yourself over to it and push yourself to be better to inspire others to find their potential. It takes continually being willing recognize weaknesses in yourself and areas that could use improvement as well as a desire to accept a challenge to make yourself better. When young people see you working to make yourself the greatest you can be, they are motivated to challenge themselves as well.’”

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