Hanna Hanlin, Darlington County School District’s Teacher of the Year
Hanna teaches 2nd grade at Pate Elementary, leading the way with modern methods of education. Here is a bit of her story:
“Growing up, I always admired my mother as an educator. From her days as a kindergarten teacher when she taught her students how to write letters with shaving cream and all kinds of fun activities to having her class of 4-year-olds reading (which is just amazing!) – my mother has not only been my personal hero, but also my professional inspiration. As I grew older, I knew that admiration was more than just appreciation, and that I too wanted to follow in her footsteps to serve the next generation of students and citizens.
The most satisfying part of my day is getting to see the excitement that students have for learning, especially through technology. I love inspiring my students to grow as learners and researchers. Technology is a huge part of my classroom and 21st century learning. Engagement is important to have your students fall in love with learning. Platforms for learning can provide engagement and engaging activities.
Student choice is a huge part of this concept. My students can create with their iPads using apps of their choice. This freedom leads to my students having immense pride for their work. They should be able to express their learning in ways of their choice, and view information in many ways.
The hardest part of being a teacher is the lack of parent involvement that can occur. Parents are a vital aspect to student learning and their support is needed. Sometimes this does not happen and it makes it much harder to provide everything that is needed for your students. Teaching is the most challenging and rewarding profession that you can choose. The daily struggles are worth it when you watch the lightbulb go off with each one of your students.”

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