Jessica McCormick, Orangeburg School District 5’s Teacher of the Year
Jessica is a teacher at Mellichamp Elementary, busy preparing and motivating her 4th grade class. Here is a bit of her story:
“Education was so central to my life that I knew from a young age that I wanted to become a teacher. Growing up in a home where both of my parents were educators also played a vital role. I could see firsthand the impact that my parents made in their students’ lives. Every summer my parents turned our home into a ‘school house,’ which my sisters and I were challenged to complete fun educational activities. In elementary school, I was blessed with teachers who had the same effect on me as my parents did. With such wonderful experiences as a student, I knew that I would love being a teacher myself.
I love being able to inspire my students not only academically, but also personally. Teaching is so much more than standing in the front of the classroom teaching standards. As a teacher, I am responsible for training and equipping my students with the basic skills necessary to successfully perform a job, no matter what the job may be. I find great joy in knowing that I have the privilege of preparing our students for the future.
The hardest part of being a teacher is knowing that 180 days comes to an end. As a teacher, you become so attached to your students. You are working so hard molding and shaping them into being the best person they can possible be; then all of a sudden, the month of May is here, and it’s time for them to be promoted to the next grade level. It is such a bitter-sweet moment, but to see my students faces light up because they are actively engaged in the learning process is a continuous reward.”

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