Keighley Aldridge, Laurens County School District 56’s Teacher of the Year
Keighley is an enthusiastic 3rd grade teacher at Joanna-Woodson Elementary School. Here is a bit of her story:
“Growing up, my mother and grandmother were both educators. They instilled a love of learning in me as a child, which is why defining the moment I realized I wanted to teach is difficult. My mother always lectured me that education was a gift no one could take from me, and it was a gift I have received with open arms.
I was fortunate enough to have many teachers in my educational career who built strong relationships with me. They believed in me; they advocated for me; and they helped me realize my passion in life. Therefore, I knew I wanted to become a teacher not just because of lineage, but because I wanted the honor of providing the same gift to students who may not realize the impact of a quality education on their lives.
The relationships I have with my students are the best part of my job. They inspire me and keep me motivated each day. I love building relationships with new students each year and having the opportunity to support them and watch them grow. Many of my students do not have an advocate in their life, and I embrace the opportunity to be an advocate for a child who may not have one. My young students have already overcome so much in their lives, and I crave the opportunity to believe in them and help them to succeed.”

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