LaTyphani Littlejohn, Spartanburg School District 7’s Teacher of the Year
LaTyphani is a caring second grade teacher at the Cleveland Academy of Leadership. Here is a bit of her story:
“I discovered my passion for teaching Junior year in high school. The most satisfying part of my day is the afternoon meeting when students share what they enjoyed most about their day. I love exposing students to new information and observing how they choose to demonstrate their understanding and apply the information to their lives.
The hardest part of our job is not being able to teach parents how to teach their children. Learning begins at home, and so a child’s first teacher is the parent. Some parents are not aware of what to teach or how to teach their children. In a perfect world, teachers would be able to help with that. To anyone looking to become a teacher–the first step to being an educator, before taking any classes or studying any theories is this: believe that all students can learn.”

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