Linda M. Bratton, Palmetto Unified School District’s Teacher of the Year
Linda teaches adult education at Perry Adult Learning Center, proving it is never too late to learn. Here is a comment on her experience in education:
“The best part of my day is helping students understand that they can use what they learn anywhere.
It’s also rewarding when you can help students break the cycle and be the first to graduate. I love when a student who is being released finds me before he leaves, thanks me for helping him learn to read and helping him appreciate freedom. I am thrilled when a student introduces me to his family and says with pride that I helped him survive incarceration by helping him change his attitude and allowing him to see that education helps build you up.
I would tell anyone who wants to be a teacher to remember–rewards outweigh the downside. The common goal is to help students survive in this fast paced and changing world.”

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