Mansa Joseph, Lexington School District 5’s Teacher of the Year
Mansa is inspiring his students at Irmo Elementary! Here is a bit of his story:
“I discovered my passion for teaching when meeting with the men in the Call Me Mister program. They had such enthusiasm and passion for educating young minds, it gave me a vision for what my future as a teacher could look like.
I would tell future teachers, ‘what we do is not always easy, but it is necessary. We have the most important job in the world. We are building communities, our state, our country. For some kids, we are drastically changing their lives. Saving the world through their eyes. We have a chance to be a hero every day.’
My love for education and watching my students grow is what fuels my desire for teaching. Many of my students face functional deficits, which could intrude their ability to be successful in the outside world. I hope and believe their disabilities are not going to stop them from being successful.
Students deal with so many different things. The hardest part about being a teacher is knowing there are things that happen in their everyday lives that we can’t change. We must do our best to guide them through whatever is they may be going through. I pride myself in knowing that they are learning, growing, and having a great time doing it.”

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