Marcia Womble, Laurens School District 55’s Teacher of the Year
Marcia is an art teacher for k4-8th grade and has the important task of preserving the culture of “the arts” for our children.
“Many teachers, especially those in my elementary school years, made an impact on my life and inspired me to choose this profession. When I began college, I knew I wanted to be an educator but was not sure in which area I wanted to major. As part of the general teacher prep program, I was required to take an ‘Art for the Elementary Teacher’ course and was immediately hooked! I knew that art education was my passion!
The hardest part of being a teacher is wanting to provide my students with as many new experiences as possible, but having to locate resources and funding to provide those experiences. My students have few arts experiences outside of our school, and I strongly feel it is my responsibility to help them understand and appreciate the arts.
Still, there are so many little moments each day that remind me of why I am in the classroom. Moments such as finding an anonymous ‘I love you’ note on my desk after an especially hard day, hearing a student exclaim, ‘I never knew I could draw a giraffe!,’ sweet drawings made especially for me, having students tell me how they are creating art at home, and seeing the surprise in a student’s eyes when they mix paints. These are only a few—there are so many more. I think it is important that, as teachers, we hold onto and remember each of those sweet moments to carry us through each day.”

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