Meet Corday Borders, Charleston County School District Teacher of the Year
 Corday teaches 5th grade math, ELA, and reading at Belle Hall Elementary School, here is a bit of her story.
“Teaching is a gift that you have that you share with others. It requires more patience, strength, and love than you can ever imagine. But at the end of the day, you have made a difference. I remember sitting by Mrs. Harrison’s desk in 3rd grade and taking all the extra purple ditto sheets out of the trashcan. I loved playing “school” on the weekends and over the summer. This is when my thoughts of becoming a teacher started. The best part of my day is the greeting the students as they enter the room. I love hearing their stories and watching them interact with each other. The hardest part of being a teacher is motivating apathetic learners and holding students accountable for poor choices. I love getting to know my students and watching them become confident and joyous learners.”

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