Meet Craig H. Jelks, Kershaw County School District’s Teacher of the Year
Craig is an 8th grade social studies teacher from Leslie M. Stover Middle school. Craig is a teacher who thoughtfully creates fun and exciting lesson plans for the joy of his students! Here is a bit of his story: 
“I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I got tired of complaining about the ills of society and wanted to do something about it. The most satisfying part of my day is seeing the curiosity on the faces of my students as they enter my class. Knowing that they have expectations regarding my lessons is very rewarding–especially when I exceed them!
The teaching profession is a tough business. It has changed drastically over the years, students are different, parents are different, and society is different. My advice for those seeking to go into education, be prepared for combat! Hold true to your values and expectations and teach as though you are getting paid $100,000 a year! The most rewarding thing to me is seeing my students having fun while learning and knowing that I did my best for them.”

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