Meet Elisabeth Hardy, Aiken County District Teacher of the Year

Today’s #teacherhero is Elisabeth Hardy from Aiken County.  Elisabeth teaches English at North Augusta High School.  Here’s a bit of her story in her own words:

“I remember when I interviewed for a summer program during my sophomore year of high school, I was asked what my future goals were. When I responded that I wanted to be a teacher, the interviewer asked if there wasn’t something better I wanted to do with all my talents. I was flabbergasted. Without a thought to the rules of proper etiquette and respect my mother had instilled in me, I instantly retorted, “Who do you want in the classroom? If America’s best and brightest don’t teach, who will?”

My grandmother was a teacher. Two of the people I admired most in the world were teachers. For me as a young person, there was no greater calling. And so, it was no surprise to me or anyone else when, at 22, I found myself in front of a classroom as an English teacher.

I love working with educators who are energetic and love children. I love opening opportunities for students to grow as thinkers and writers and to better articulate their ideas and beliefs. I love seeing the moment when students understand a difficult concept and feel satisfaction and victory for themselves. And I love that there is never an end to my growing and learning.

Teaching is a calling. It requires passion, love, enthusiasm, drive, determination, a willingness to fail and try again (often several times a day), ever growing knowledge of our content areas and of changing practices, and a decision to stay in it for the long haul.

Education needs those who understand the demands of the profession and accept those knowing that each of us in the position of “teacher” has the most distinct honor of teaching EVERY CHILD and providing the background for those who will become great in EVERY PROFESSION.

We are the offensive linemen for our students – we get negative recognition when we fail, but we get to rejoice and celebrate when we provide the way for our students to succeed. Their individual successes are our successes. And those – great and small – are worth every second.”

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