Meet Frances Meetze, Newberry County School District’s Teacher of the Year


Frances is a passionate social studies teacher at Mid-Carolina High School, here is her story.

“I have known almost my whole life that I wanted to be a teacher. My mom was a first-grade teacher, and I loved helping her set up her classroom to get ready for the year. I played school in my room with my stuffed animals as a little girl and couldn’t wait to grow up and be just like my mom!

I tell people who are going into the teaching profession that it is the most rewarding job they will ever have! While we do work hard, it’s a labor of love for our students. In no other job do you have the opportunity to mold lives like you do in education.

For me, the hardest part of being a teacher is having the time to collaborate with colleagues and to plan interdisciplinary lessons. With meetings, mentoring, serving as an ADEPT evaluator, and other responsibilities, I often feel that I do not have as much time as I would like to work with others. Having more time to plan and collaborate with my colleagues would allow me to create a larger number of engaging lessons for my students.

Even so, the most satisfying part of my day is just being with my students! I love interacting with them and watching them grow and learn. The best part of the job is seeing a student understand something for the first time. When that a light bulb goes off, it’s just an amazing feeling!”

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