Meet Heather Gardner, Greenwood County School District 52’s Teacher of the Year
Heather is a 4th grade math teacher at Ninety Six Elementary School. She has the great responsibility of showing her classes how fun math can really be! Here is a bit of her story:
“I’ve always known I wanted to become a teacher. In elementary school, I often came home and played ‘school,’ mimicking my teachers, and forcing my siblings to be my students. As the years passed, I continued to develop a love for education and honestly never even considered a career in anything else.
To those considering entering this profession, I would tell them, “teaching is not just a career, it’s a calling. It is the profession that makes all other professions possible, and that responsibility should not be taken lightly. Despite its many challenges, the rewards are far greater. We get to see the results of our hard work in action every single day.”
I love that I have the opportunity year after year to touch the lives of my students, and contribute to making them successful, productive members of society. Last year, I watched my very first group of students walk across the stage at graduation, and knowing that I played a role in getting them there fills me with such joy.The most satisfying part of my day is watching my students excel, and get excited about learning. I love the looks on their faces when they master skills they once thought were impossible, and have fun while doing so. When the light bulbs go off, there is no greater feeling!”

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