Meet Jennifer Dundr, York 2 – Clover School District’s Teacher of the Year
Jennifer is an 8th grade english teacher, inspiring students at Oakridge Middle School!
“I was a sophomore in college, helping a high school student edit her article for the school newspaper. She looked at me and said, ‘I didn’t know those words were in me.’ I replied, ‘I did.’ The newspaper advisor approached me and said, “are you sure journalism is your calling? I see bigger things in your future.”
Two days later, I added English Secondary Education to my major and never looked back!
Engaging in one on one conversations with my students about books, writing, music or life…. that is the most satisfying part of my day. I love hearing their stories and in some small part, being a participant in this segment of their lives.
I love the challenge of constructing a unit and then guiding students into the process by making their own connections that are meaningful. Every year my 8th graders teach me the many ways of reading a piece of literature or approaching a writing assignment. I love how nothing is routine about teaching.
My advice for those considering pursuing teaching is to seek out passionate teachers! Talk to them, assist them in the classroom, observe how students feed off their style…. if you are energized in their presence, and hear a voice in your mind that says, ‘I want to do that too’ then DO IT!”

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