Meet Justin Bair Wingard, Anderson School District One’s Teacher of the Year
 Justin is a math teacher from Palmetto High School. Justin’s commitment to knowledge is commendable and recognized, here is a bit of his story.
“When I was a student, we had the opportunity to help in primary and elementary school classrooms as part of service learning. I worked with a fourth-grade class and really enjoyed it.
Years later at Clemson, teaching was not my first major, but I ultimately found my way to it because of that service learning experience and a desire to see students grow. Knowledge is something that no one can ever take away from you, and I wanted to give students something that would always be with them.
The best part of my day is when students ask questions without a prompt. I can see their minds turning, and it’s wonderful to watch them become independent thinkers.
To someone considering teaching as a profession I would say: Do it! You will not regret it so long as you are going into the profession with a desire to help and serve students.
To me teaching comes down to giving every student an equal opportunity to succeed. Teachers must believe students come first.”

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