Meet Karen Teague, Greenwood County School District 50’s Teacher of the Year
Karen is an enthusiastic and caring social studies teacher from Emerald High School, here is a bit of her story in her own words:
“As a child, I often played school and taught my dolls. Once I entered college, I began to consider what I wanted in the future. Teaching was the perfect fit. The most satisfying part of my day is when my students come up and give me hugs or share their successes. The hardest part of being a teacher is hearing some of the stories of the lives of my students and knowing what situations they must return to.
What I love most about my job is the relationships with my students. I enjoy being a part of the best portion of their day. I love seeing the light come in their eyes and the excitement on their faces when they make connections between their learning.
I would tell a prospective educator, “Do it! Teaching will transform your life and fill your soul in ways that you cannot imagine. It is a calling and a passion.”

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