Meet Marie Karr Andoy-Gladfelter, Orangeburg School District 3 Teacher of the Year

Today’s #teacherhero is Marie Karr Andoy-Gladfelter, Teacher of the Year for Orangeburg School District 3.  Marie teaches 4th grade ELA and Social Studies at Holly Hill Elementary.  Here’s a bit of her story:

Over the years, I have learned teaching is very challenging and six hours’ sleep is a luxury! Between working with parents on helping students achieve their potential to planning for lessons or creating activities to differentiate instruction, there are seldom enough hours in the day.
Despite the drawbacks of the profession, teaching is one of the most fulfilling careers you can have. You get to see eager learners everyday who are equally delighted to interact with you as if you are one of the most important people in their lives– a source of inspiration and knowledge. You get to see them grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually and you get to experience being a mother, a counselor, a nurse, a disciplinarian, or a “Book of Knowledge.” The gratification you feel seeing your kids’ daily achievements is incredible. Seeing your non-readers develop fluency and higher level thinking skills, changing math haters to problem solvers, or watching socialites become students is more exciting than receiving your dream sports car.

One of the things I love most about teaching is seeing my babies transfer what they learn from my classroom to their day to day interaction with other students or adults—seeing them grow to be kind, sensitive, respectful and hearing them explain ideas sensibly.

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