Meet Nikki Culbertson, Spartanburg School District Four Teacher of the Year
 Nikki is a 5th grade ELA/social studies teacher at Woodruff Elementary School with a passion for reading!
“As a teacher, I have a chance every single day to change someone’s life. I have constant opportunities to help my students grow into mature, responsible, lovers of learning. On top of that, I get to continue to learn and grow with them! I truly enjoy learning new ideas to use in my classroom and collaborating with other educators to be the best teacher that I can be.
The most satisfying part of my day is when I see my students get excited about books and reading! I LOVE to read, and I love sharing my passion for reading with my students. It is always so exciting when my students enjoy a book I have recommended or they read a book and recommend it to me!
I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I realized how much I loved helping others learn as I tutored other children in our neighborhood growing up. Even though I changed my major numerous times throughout college, I was never truly satisfied until I followed my heart and pursued what I knew I was meant to do…teach!”

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