Meet Shannon Marler, South Carolina Public Charter School District’s Teacher of the Year
 Shannon teaches music at Lowcountry Leadership Charter School! She has honored her family history by continuing down the path of being a kind and creative teacher. Here is a bit of Shannon’s story:
“I was drawn to the teaching profession early in life by my grandfather and my mother, who were both teachers. I learned so much from being in Granddad’s structured classroom and loved how he evoked imagination and curiosity with his storytelling. From my mom, I will always remember the importance of finding out what makes each child in my class special. Both my mother’s and grandfather’s knowledge and love of their students had a huge impact on me growing up–an effect I would not fully understand until well into adulthood, and now I am so grateful for their influence.
The most satisfying part of my day is during the development part of my lessons. This is when students take the knowledge I taught them, and use it to create or do something on their own. In music classes, this development time is a chance for students to express themselves, be creative, and let their talents shine! When I see students confidently performing in front of their peers, teachers, families, and friends, it is a reward like no other.
To anyone considering teaching a profession, make sure to use your colleagues as resources and let people help you. The first year in the classroom is full of demands, so utilize the talents of your fellow teachers by asking them questions and listening to their ideas.
To be a teacher you must be brave and persevere. This is a stressful job- some research suggests it is THE most stressful job. But, as teachers and models for our students – don’t give up. Take a breath and a brain break, and then take it one step at a time. And don’t forget you are teaching and molding the minds of our future leaders.”

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