Meet Trish Mumaw, York School District Four’s Teacher of the Year
Trish is an 8th grade teacher with compassion for everyone around her! Here is a bit of her story: 
“I first knew I wanted to become a teacher when I became a member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program in my local community during my sophomore year in high school. Working with young children to build positive connections, support educational needs, and enhance self-motivation and social skills was an amazing feeling that quickly opened my eyes that my calling was to pursue a career in special education. The experience through the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program inspired me to explore my passion of teaching students with exceptionalities.
The most satisfying part of my school day is seeing students experience that “light bulb” moment when they connect the various pieces of subject matter that they have been learning–in some cases, it’s a ‘moment’ that can last for many, many days.
What I love most about my job is having the opportunity to enrich students’ lives every day. The bonds that we build from year to year ultimately make students’ transition to high school easier for them, and watching them move on with confidence is a highlight of my teaching experience. It’s amazing to see how we as teachers can not only help our students grow educationally, but also emotionally and socially.
Nothing can come close to the satisfaction of knowing that what you do today will shape a student’s future.”

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