Nayantara Yadav Ojha, Allendale County School District’s Teacher of the Year
Nayantara is a math teacher inspiring the students at Allendale Fairfax High. Here is a bit f her story:
“Since I was a child I have always known in my heart that I was born to teach. Formally I knew I wanted to teach in my 12th grade class when I became a ‘real teacher’ (role play with costume) for one day on Teacher’s Day.
Teaching is one of those rare professions where you get a clean slate every year. That always brings hope and possibility. The most satisfying part of my day is when a student exclaims ‘Oh! I get it now. Thanks Ms. Ojha.’
The hardest part is working with students who, due to various reasons, feel like giving up. It is heartbreaking and hard but not impossible to pull them out of that mindset.
To anyone who is looking to be an educator, hear this: it is a profession which demands 100% dedication and selfless service to the noble cause of educating future generations.”

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