Nequi Dunlap, Chester County School District’s Teacher of the Year
Nequi is a hard working and passionate Pre-K teacher at Chester Park COLT! Here is a bit of her story in her own words:
“I knew I wanted to be a teacher after participating in the Teacher Cadet program. The experiences of visiting various classroom settings and witnessing the excitement of learning from students as well as teachers, was an experience I wanted to live every day. Therefore, I became what I could not live without, I became a teacher.
What I would say to prospective teachers is, ‘make sure one has a heart for teaching. The heart of a teacher prepares a teacher to be dedicated, passionate and resilient in his or her journey to sustain a level of excellence in teaching and learning. When one concentrates on the ‘heart of the matter’ one will always remember, what is best for students and the teaching profession.’ The most satisfying part of my day is seeing my students excited about learning. The hardest part of being a teacher is the last day of school. I am always sad to see my students leave to embark on the next learning adventure in another classroom. The understanding that my community of learners (classroom family) is moving forward without me is ‘bittersweet’. I always wish for one more day on the last day of school. Even still, the joy of knowing they are successful inspires me and fuels my passion for teaching and learning.”

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