Pamela Flynn, Spartanburg County School District 3’s Teacher of the Year
Pamela teaches social studies at Broome High School, she is also a finalist for 2017 SC Teacher of the Year! Congratulations!
“I can remember playing ‘teacher’ with my friends (yes! they had to be the students) when I was in elementary school. It was only after several business jobs–later in my life–when I decided to pursue the career I was meant for. I have never regretted it, and I have never been happier.
The most satisfying part of my day is anytime I get to interact with my students! Teaching is the most rewarding profession you will ever be a part of. Just think about it — you will have the opportunity to impact a young person in a positive manner. Something that will stay with your students all their lives. To be honest, yes, you will have difficult days; but those days are so few–why focus on those times? I learn from my students–they challenge me to be a better teacher and person every day. I love how my students make my classroom come alive.”

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