Reflections from Amy Baldwin

Since our district is not 1:1, I gave the students a sketching and invention assignment. This assignment came from a post that Cecilia Kelly shared with GTT(Gateway to Technology Teachers) teachers.  My students had to create a series of sketches, then choose a problem in their life to create an invention for.  Parents shared pictures with me of their students working GTT assignments as well as some finished products.  I even had a student send me a picture of his cat that he sketched.  I also challenged my Girl Powered students to do the Stem challenges we did in October with their family members (See pic above).

In my house, we are getting creative as I help my son with his 3rd grade assignments, keep up with my parent communication, and navigate this new world of learning.  I even did a virtual lesson with a 2nd grader who was stuck on his math.

To destress as night, I am reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to my son.  We are discussing the story and plan to watch the movie when we finish.  I cant wait to hear him compare and contrast the book with the movie.

Overall I am just trying to be listening ear and helpful teacher to those who need it.

Amy Baldiwn

Lowcountry STEM Educator Regional Finalist
Gateway to Technology Teacher 6th – 8th grade
Oakbrook Middle School
Dorchester School District Two

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