Sharon Blackwood, Berkeley County School District’s Teacher of the Year
Sharon is a 3rd grade teacher at Sedgefield Intermediate, trying to pass on the enthusiasm and compassion she was given. Here is a bit of her story:
“As a child, I was captivated by energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate teachers from grades second through twelfth. Each of these teachers looked for our strengths, were welcoming in their demeanor, and enthusiastic about their subject. I think that is when I began to realize I wanted to be a teacher.
To anyone interested in becoming a teacher I say, ‘Welcome! Welcome to the most challenging, yet rewarding vocation, you could imagine. You will make a difference to every child, every day, so make a positive one. Place a picture of yourself or your own child, at the age of your students, near your desk. That way, every day, you will remember what it was like to be their age–their joys, their fears. Building a community with your students will create a solid foundation for them to successfully grow.’
Like many have said, the most difficult part of being a teacher is saying goodbye, but the children remind us of what is most important. They keep us real, so it is important to press on!”

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