Statement on May 1 Day of Reflection

A statewide, nonpartisan organization committed to strengthening public education as a driver of economic prosperity and social justice, South Carolina Future Minds’ work over the past two decades has been guided by one core belief: public school teachers are leaders in our communities, and they deserve our respect and admiration. We are proud to work with businesses, nonprofits, and public agencies across South Carolina to elevate the teaching profession and support educators in their service to our children.

As teachers gather in their home districts and in Columbia on May 1st for a Day of Reflection, SC Future Minds encourages all South Carolinians, wherever you are, to consider the significant role that our public schools—and the educators who lead them—play in our collective pursuit of a more just society and thriving economy. Whether a parent, student, business-owner, home-owner, or voter, each of us is impacted by the condition of our public schools, and we will be a better state when we invest in the success of our students and the teachers who support their growth.

We acknowledge the state legislature for taking initial steps to improve teacher compensation this session, and we look forward to working with policymakers to build on that progress in the coming months. South Carolina has the ability to provide an excellent education to all of our children, but it will take courage from our politicians, business-leaders, and educators alike. SC Future Minds stands ready to support and contribute to policy solutions that address the root causes of current inequities and respond to the needs of our schools and our students.


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