Community Nights

Celebrate Your Public School

Gather the students, parents and teachers together for a great evening celebrating your public school. Mueller’s Pasta will donate the “uncooked” spaghetti. You supply the fun and fellowship!

Any public school in South Carolina is eligible. Simply go here to fill out an application.

General Guidelines

We need three weeks notice before your planned Spaghetti Night to make sure we can make it successful. Once you’ve made your request online, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

  • Mueller’s will donate enough spaghetti for one Spaghetti Night per school year for each public school.
  • “Community Night” means a school gathering of parents, students and teachers to build support for the school.
  • We ask that the school pick up the pasta if it is within 50 miles of the Mueller’s plant, located at 2000 American Italian Way, Columbia, SC 29209-5084. Here’s a map.

For those within 50 miles and picking up your spaghetti, you MUST schedule your pickup with Sarah Wantland of Mueller’s. She can be reached at 803-695-7313 or via email at Please be prepared to tell her the name of the person picking up your pasta and the approximate time they will be coming between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. DO NOT go to the Mueller’s plant until you have confirmed a pickup time and person with Sarah Wantland. This is a large business, and for your safety and their convenience, PLEASE do not arrive unannounced.

No matter whether you’re picking up your pasta or having it shipped, be looking for promotional posters in the package that will help you promote your event. If you’d like to print out some right now, go here.

And when your successful Spaghetti Night is over, please don’t forget to share some of the great photos with us, so that we can promote and encourage Spaghetti Night with other schools.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact South Carolina Future Minds at 803-741-5646 or

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