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SC public schools

  • Often limit fundraisers to one chaotic period per year.
  • Routinely give up half of all proceeds to a for-profit company.
  • Receive donations only from those directly contacted by a student,
  • Have no easy way to accept credit cards,
  • Limited transparency

Now YOU Can Keep More of Your Donations – Pay Only for the Transaction!

How It Works:

South Carolina Future Minds and your school sign a Memorandum of Understanding about the program, which ensures funds raised go to the school and includes one fee (under 10%) to cover all transaction costs. A participating school then installs programming code provided by SC Future Minds onto its site, which creates the digital button. When a donor clicks on the button, they are taken to the school’s donation page, where the donor is led through the remainder of the donation process.

South Carolina Future Minds collects the donation, segregates the donation by school and once a quarter sends a check to the school to be used for school operations as determined by the school’s principal. If less than $100, the donation is held until the amount exceeds $100 or the program is terminated, at which time it is disbursed.

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