Become a Teacher

Are you fired up about becoming a #teacherhero in South Carolina?

We’re excited to help you!  Please check out the resources below and let us know how we can support your path to becoming a #teacherhero!

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Teaching in South Carolina

  • Know a middle school student who loves school?  Point them to PROTEAM!
    • ProTeam Program aims to interest middle school students in the education profession before they become “turned off” to the possibility of a career in teaching. Positive learning experiences and role models are essential to the Program’s success.
  • How about that high school student who loves helping their friends with homework?  Check out Teacher Cadets!
    • The primary goal of the Teacher Cadet Program is to encourage academically talented, high-achieving, high school students with exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career. An important secondary goal of the Program is to develop future community leaders who will become civic advocates for public education.
  • What if you could get a scholarship and leadership training to become an educator?  Look no further than Teaching Fellows!
    • The mission of the South Carolina Teaching Fellows Program is to recruit talented high school seniors into the teaching profession and help them develop leadership qualities. Each year, the program provides Fellowships for up to 200 high school seniors who have exhibited high academic achievement, a history of service to their school and community, and a desire to teach in South Carolina.
  • Not entirely sure you’re ready for the front of the classroom?  Don’t worry, SC has incredible mentoring and Induction programs!

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Financially Speaking……..

  • Loans and Scholarships
    • Federal Pell Grants
    • Federal Stafford Loan
    • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
    • Federal Work Study Program
    • Hope Scholarship
    • Ken Bower Teacher Cadet Scholarship
    • Life Scholarship
    • Palmetto Fellow
    • The South Carolina Teacher Loan Program
    • TEACH Grant
  • Forgiveness Programs
    • Federal Perkins Loan Cancellation
    • Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program
    • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Rural
    • District Undergraduate Loan Forgiveness Program
    • SC PACE Loan
    • SC Teachers Loan

It’s NEVER too late to become a teacher in South Carolina!

Alternative Pathways to Becoming an Educator

  • “Call Me Mister”: The “Call Me Mister” program seeks to recruit, train, certify and secure employment for 200 males as elementary teachers in South Carolina’s public schools. Call Me MISTER (which stands for Men Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models) combines the special strengths of Clemson University with individualized instructional programs offered at Benedict College, Morris College, Claflin University, South Carolina State University, and College of Charleston, as well as four two-year institutions, Midlands Technical College, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College, Tri-County Technical College and Trident Technical College.Contact: 800.640.2657,, or e-mail

  • Program for Recruitment and Retention of Minority Teachers: This program recognizes the need to greatly expand the pool of minority teacher candidates. Housed at South Carolina State University, it recruits and supports non-traditional students (primarily teacher aides and technical college transfers) by offering scholarships and academic assistance.

  • Career and Technology Education: While Career and Technology Education (CATE) teachers may follow the traditional pathway through college to become educators, the state provides for an alternative path that gives credit for work experience rather than requiring an undergraduate degree.

  • Program of Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE): To address critical teaching shortages in South Carolina, the South Carolina General Assembly provided for a conditional certification program as part of the 1984 Education Improvement Act. The purpose of the program is to enable degreed individuals, who otherwise do not meet certification requirements, to gain employment in the public schools in a critical need subject area teaching position and/or in a critical geographic area where teacher shortages exist, as determined annually by the State Board of Education. Eligible candidates are enrolled in a series of training seminars and workshops as well as graduate courses which lead to their professional certification.The Program of Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE) is South Carolina’s alternative route for certification.

  • Troops to Teachers / Spouses to TeachersTroops to Teachers is a federally funded program assisting former members of the Armed Forces, as well as National Guard and Reserve personnel, with the opportunity to pursue a second career in public education. Eligible veterans may receive either a scholarship of up to $5,000 to assist in attaining teacher certification or a $10,000 incentive bonus for agreeing to teach for three years in specific school districts in South Carolina.

  • American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE): Founded in 2001 via a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, ABCTE addresses the need for knowledgeable and dedicated teachers in every classroom. We offer a flexible and cost-effective certification program designed for career changers. ABCTE opens new pathways into the classroom, helping states, districts and communities meet the needs of their students.  To meet its goals, ABCTE has developed the Passport to Teaching certification and the Teach and Inspire program.

  • Interesting in teaching in the areas of greatest need in our state?  Teach for America-SC trains and places competitive, highly-regarded teachers around the state through a two year program, in partnership with school districts around South Carolina.

  • New to the Palmetto State?  The Department of Education has made it easy for you to figure out how to transfer certificates for Out of State Teachers
  • Find more information on Alternative Certification programs on the SC Department of Education website.