Teacher Tributes

Ms. Parks

Mccoll Elementary middle

What makes my teacher a hero is how fun she makes learning. She does a lot of fun stuff while we learn at the same time. She always comes in class super happy and exited to teach us. and also science is my favorite subject

Nominated By: Gabriel

marlboro county

Mrs.Parks & Mrs.Scoles


These teachers are always there to talk to you when you’re having problems with other people.When you need help in class they will help you to understand.

Nominated By: Elexus ❤

Marlboro County


mccoll elementary middle school

She helps people out in class, even sometimes it doesn’t involve school stuff, she will try her best to help you out.

Nominated By: tiara gibson

Marlboro SC

Mrs. Whitley

McColl Elemtary Middle School

I choose this teacher because she cares for me and all her other students. She makes sure her band students have what they ned and makes sure they learn. That is why this teacher is my hero.

Nominated By: Audrey Grooms

Marlboro County School District


mccoll elementary middle school

She is cool and teaches art

Nominated By:

Marlboro county



She helps me when i need help she takes her time to help with some stuff i don’t understand something in her class and she makes her class fun

Nominated By: Camron hatcher

Marlboro county



She always knows how to make me laugh and she always makes sure that i know what I’m doing

Nominated By: brittany



McColl Elementary Middle School

I’m not the best at english but this year my grades improved a lot more than they were since last year. Also she makes learning fun. She treats you as if you were her own.

Nominated By: Cadence Mckinney

Marlboro County

Miss Baldwin

MCcoll Elementry Middle School

Miss Baldwin is my hero because she has always been there for me. There was a time I was in second grad and I was crying in the hall way an didn’t want to go class an she comforted me an calmed me down unto I was ready to go to class. She has always tried to help me when I needed it the most weather it was me needing help with school work or just talking to me about life itself. She has always been my hero and will always be. I thank her for always being there for me and talking to me an saying that she is there if i need anyone to talk to.

Nominated By: Kayla Redbrook

Marlboro County



She is very loving and caring teacher in and out of school and she also makes sure all of her student understand all of the work and last but not least she is a very helpful person

Nominated By: Laquinya Cabbagestalk

Marlboro County