Teacher Tributes

Samantha Pollett

Trinity Bernes

This is a former teacher of mine that I had in 8th grade. She has always been my #1 mentor all through school and was even there to celebrate my graduation. She has helped me and guided me through the decision to become a teacher myself and she always puts the needs of her students above her own.

Nominated By: Emily Walters

Private school

David McKeown

Mt. Gallant Elementary School

Mr. Mckeown is not only an amazing teacher, coach and friend, he is also my dad. He is going on 21 years as the physical education teacher at Mt. Gallant Elementary School. Every student who has had the chance to have him as a teacher or coach admires him. When we go out as a family we hear, “hey Mr. McKeown” from a current or former student. When I was younger, I did not always appreciate it because we would have to stand there and wait while my dad talked to the student and their family. Now that I am older, I have learned to respect my father talking to students outside of the classroom because he is a respectable man.

He does so much for his school and community. He is a soccer coach, Special Olympics south Carolina coach, volunteers in his community and is the Friday night football announcer at South Pointe High School. He is an amazing teacher and I am honored to call him my dad.

Nominated By: Anna Parks

Rock Hill School District 3

Shannon Ennis

Jefferson Elementary

Mrs. Ennis is my hero because she loved us and built relationships with us. No one ever cared for us like her. She loves teaching and kids and you could tell. We were family. Mrs. Ennis made learning fun. She also is my hero because she took in a student who had no home and was about to be placed in foster care. Her family of 5 became a family of 6 and the girl is doing great. She definitely is one of a kind.

Nominated By: Baleigh Barton

Aiken County

Laura Merk

Springfield Middle School

To sum up Mrs. Merk is “She Cares”. She was my son’s teacher for his first year of middle school. We were all a little nervous of the “unknown”. She put our minds at ease immediately! I received a call from her during the first week to check in on how my son was feeling about the newness of middle school. I don’t recall any teacher ever doing that! My son has always struggled in math and was not very confident in his abilities. That all changed under the guidence of Mrs. Merk! I couldn’t BELIEVE the change in him! Her acceptional teaching skills made him realize that math is not so scary! She’s my son’s Super Hero for sure! If at anytime throughout the year I had a question or concern it was addressed immediately by Mrs. Merk. Mrs. Merk exudes pure intention in everything she does for her students and school. I’m so thankful for our time with her! ( I wish she was going to 7th grade with us!)

Nominated By: Robin D. Theisen

Fort Mill

Patty Myers

Clover High

She has always been so inspirational to her students, parents, coworkers and friends! She goes above and beyond to help others! She is a truly amazing person. She is teacher of the year this year in the district and deservingly so I can’t believe it took so long! She will always be the teacher of the year in our hearts! She has touched so many and changed our lives! I consider it a true blessing to have had her touch my life! Please take a look at her impressive time in education!

Nominated By: Catherine North

Clover school district, Clover S.C.

Anna Cather

Clover High School

Mrs. Cather loves her students and always considers their individual needs. When leaving for maternity leave, she made videos of her teaching the daily Calculus class because it is hard to find a good substitute for Calculus. She made a video for every school day from February too May. Her devotion to her students is above what is required or expected.

Nominated By: Cindy Sherrill

Clover School District

Larry Lawson

Meeting Street Academy

Larry is the music teacher at our school but he so much more than that!!!!!! He is on so many committees, he cooks meals for us, he runs all our events, he literally does it all!!! He deserves this more than anyone I know!

Nominated By: Mimi Borick

Spartanburg 7

Adrian S. Goodman

Heyward Gibbes Middle School

Mr. Goodman is an awesome teacher/coach who works extremely hard to make sure his students are successful daily. He encourages his students to work hard and not allow any obstacles to stand in their way. He always has a positive demeanor and attitude. Great educator!

Nominated By:

Richland County School District One

Marsha Neal

Deer Park Middle School

She has worked all her life to make herself a better teacher so she can inspire her students to become the very best they can be and to instill in each student in her classroom to have the same love of learning that she has.

Nominated By: Karen Neal

Charleston County

David Mckeown

Mt. Gallant Elem

Mr. Mckeown is a Father/Grandfather figure/mentor/leader/friend to all of the students he teaches at Mount Gallant Elem in Rock Hill. Being the physical education teacher for 20 years and teaching every child in the school, he has made quite an impact. He always has the students best interest at heart and remembers them all by name. Making each child feel special is his superpower! Learning life skills along with physical education skills is so important and he excels at teaching both!!! Because of his positive and caring influence, many students have chosen teaching as their profession and let him know what an impact he made on them. He is a great example of a hero every day at school!!!

Nominated By: Anna Parks

York 3