Teacher Tributes

Emily Mew

McColl Elementary Middle School

What makes Mrs. Mew a hero is that she always makes sure that all the students are understanding the lesson before moving along, and even offers extra help if needed. She also helped me understand and like math just a little bit more.

Nominated By: Madison Woodle

Marlboro County School District

Mrs. Ellis

Harleyville-Ridgeville Middle School

Mrs. Ellis has always been there for me when I needed a person to talk to. She is always there to give advice too.

Nominated By:

Dorchester District 4

Ebony Johnson

Harleyville Ridgeville Middle School

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year Ms. Johnson has been one of the most helpful teacher ever. She hasn’t stressed us to do more work than what was qualified. She always gives extra credit, so if you get a bad grade on a project you’ll be able to make it up some way. She always gives opportunities and there’s not a moment when she doesn’t help you if you need it. She’s a really strong and wise teacher, and she always puts up with us kids.

Nominated By: Destiny Price

Dorchester District 4

Mrs. Jackson

Harleyville - Ridgeville Middle School

She is very nice. She also gives us candy too and she helped me like Social Study a lot more.

Nominated By: Austin Slutz

Dorchester District 4


Harleyville-Ridgeville Middle School

What makes my teacher a hero is how much she inspires me. She gives me such inspiration and makes me strive to do better. She also dose ELA, which is my favorite subject. She got me to fall in love with reading and writing.

Nominated By: Samantha Smith

Dorchester District 4

Shane Thomas

Harleyville-Ridgeville Middle School

Shane taught me how to do plenty things. He taught me how to officially write a essay. He gave me plenty of chances that I honestly didn’t deserve. Thanks I appreciate everything.

Nominated By: Justice Robinson

Dorchester District 4

Mr. Gladis

Kayla Ferrell

My previous teacher Mr. Gladis is my hero teacher because, he has helped me with my work in the 7th grade. Without him I would still be in read 180. He has made my spelling a little bit better and also made my pronunciation great. MR. GLADIS SHOULD WIN!!!

Nominated By: Kayla Ferrell

Dorchestor distirct two

Tracy Lemon

Harleyville-Rigdeville Middle School

She is fun and makes learning fun.

Nominated By: Taylor Soberanis


Jamie Ingram

Devon Forest

She is a hero because the way she would teach would make teaching fun. She was young, so there were more relations between students and she knew how we felt. She would always give us 1 on 1 help and made sure we understood the subject before she left. She loved her job and she loves kids and doing fun stuff with them. She is the best and my favorite teacher i have ever have.

Nominated By: Damien Wernicke

Berkeley County


Clay Hill Elementary

She helped me stay on track on my first year at my new school

Nominated By: Jonah

Dorchester district 4