Teacher Tributes

Ms. Washington

Harleyville Ridgeville Middle School

Ms. Washington has helped me with many things in P.E. She has helped me with my basketball shot and to learn more about the human body. She has taught me how to maintain a healthy body and many other things.

Nominated By: Ivey Sweatman

District 4

Ms. washigton

Harleyville ridgeville middle school

Best P.E. teacher in the world, and the best activitys ever.

Nominated By: Gabriel Hales

District 4


Harleyville Rigdeville Middle

You help get though a lot of this in this school year. I always helped me with my work and get everything done on time, thank you.

Nominated By: DaQuan Cohen

District 4


Clay Hill Elementary

She helped me stay on track and helped me get through my first year at a new school

Nominated By: Jonah Fineran

Dorchester district 4


Harleyville Ridgeville Middle

Mr.Berry always broke the work down to me and whenever i needed help he took time to help me. He always told me then truth and never lied about nothing, Whenever I needed more help on work he took time after class to help me.

Nominated By: Kareece Manigault

Dorchester District 4


Harleyville-Ridgeville Middle School

She helps me understand my work. If i am having a bad days she helps me.

Nominated By: Arianna Creel

Dorchester District 4

Mrs. Livingston

Harleyville Ridgeville Middle School

Mrs. Livingston is my hero because when I would have a misunderstanding with my other teachers she will either tell me what I should do or let me sit in her class and do other work. Another reason why Mrs. Livingston is my teacher is because she will give the best advice about life and drama. she teach me so much when it came down to that. Thank you for the life lesson.

Nominated By: Kayana Gaddist

Dorchester District Four

Ms. Ellis

Harleyville Ridgeville Middle School

She taught me how to play an instrument which was the piano and i’m really interested in learning more and she taught me much about music and even got me in music. she helped me with the notes and shes there to help me even when I make mistakes . she helps when when you are confused with anything and she is there to help with anything and she pushes you so you can progress further and further.

Nominated By: Kevon Palmer

Dorchester School district


HarleyVille - Ridgeville Middle School

He helped me after school with the work I mostly needed help, and he also did fun activities when we got done with our work.

Nominated By: Ja'Tell Ravenell

Dorchester District 4

Ms. Sullivan

Harleyville Ridgeville Middle School

This year I didn’t have Ms.Sullivan for long, I only had her class for a few months. I really enjoyed her class. I enjoyed her class because she let us write about our lives, and create our own stories. She was always there for me when I needed her, and there for others. Ms. Sullivan is a kind, caring, strong, smart, and a amazing teacher. I’m so glad I had her as one of my teachers even if it was for a short time. Thank you, Ms. Sullivan.

Nominated By: Malaya Weeks