Teacher Tributes

Tarsha Wingfield

Pine Grove Elementary

She does such amazing things with her kids each and everyday. She ignites something within them that they did not know was in there.

Nominated By: Tamicka McLeod

Richland Schoold District One

Chelsi Kelly

Union high School

Chelsi is a special education teacher at Union High School. Chelsi goes above and beyond to make sure her kids not only feel loved while being away from family, but goes extra lengths for learning and making sure they are involved with school activities. These kids were not able to attend “ regular “ prom, so Chelsi help set up a prom just for them! Helping getting dresses for the girls and even going so far as to borrow a limo from a funeral home so they could arrive in style! Needless to say she deserves something in return and would be just the person to receive this generous gift

Nominated By: Katherine Sprouse

Union County South Carolina

Angelia Brockington

South Florence High School

She’s always been there whether it’s emotionally , physical or educationally ! I really appreciate her and all she’s done . She deserves it !

Nominated By: Mia

Florence District One

Mary Lynn Woodward

Del Mae Elementary

She is the most amazing person. She really cares about her students, and she makes the effort to get to know what we want and what will help us learn better and not only for her class, but for other classes also. She is just an all around amazing person.

Nominated By: Anonymous

Florence District 1

Katherine Foo

Kershaw Elementary

She’s amazing! She came from going to private school all her life to a title one school back where her summers were spent! She is a special ed teacher aka school mom! She buys, she cries, she prays and she feeds for the kids! She is every child’s dream teacher! Also, she’s my mentor! She saved my family when my husband lost his job!
She doesn’t do it for the recognition and definitely not for the money! She gets up every day passing schools close by her to come support our kids!
I picked her because she cares and finds a way to help everyone!
She is a hero! No need for a cap because she knows she has a crown in heaven! Ok, too many tears to finish! #becauseofherIcan

Nominated By: Stephanie Thompson


Lindsey Bibler

South Florence High School

She goes above and beyond to help her students. She dedicates her personal time to the success of her students. By providing her students with Sunday study sessions before the AP exam, tutoring over an hour before school starts, tutoring during her lunch, and giving up her planning period to help her students, Mrs. Bibler epitomizes a teacher who truly loves and wants the best for her students.

Nominated By: Mallory Baxley

Florence School District 1

Stephanie Dabbs

Pine Tree Hill Elementary School

Mrs. Dabbs is a true hero. My son finished kindergarten truly believing that he was a “superhero” reader…and he was! Her compassion and love for all students radiates through her smile and kind words. She teaches with grace and makes every student feel special! Often going above and beyond to meet students’ needs in and out of the classroom, it’s obvious that she is the real Super Hero in her school.

Nominated By: Becky Bean

Kershaw County School District

Brandy Meyers

Oak pointe elem school

We have had the privilege of having Mrs Meyers for 2 years and to say is special is an understatement! She once said “if things are not right at home they won’t be right at school.” So she really takes the time to get to know the kids outside of school and is always there for them. She even takes time to come to their outside activities to show her students support. She really is one of a kind.

Nominated By: Barbie Chaney

Lexington Richland district 5

Ms Stephanie Maher

West End Elementary

Ms. Maher I want to thank you for helping Draco see he can achieve and working with us throughout the school year. Draco was very blessed to have a teacher like you!

Nominated By: Christy Witt

Pickens County SC

Trina Anderson Stidem

LBC Middle School

She never has anything negative to say about anyone she loves all her students you can talk to her about anything and there’s always a smile on her face she is loved at LBC middle you don’t find too many teachers like her.

Nominated By: Sylvia Rich