Teacher Tributes

Dr. Tamel a Jett

Carolina Springs Elementary

Working within another school district in guidance and to have parent come into my office and speak about a teacher that taught their child and helped them over come obstacles when they were in grammer school and they could credit that teacher for helping their child to get as far as they had come. And they wouldn’t know that Dr. Tamela Jett was my daughter needkess to say it always has made me so proud if my daughter. And they never knew she she would go home each day to a husband that has aphesia due to a stroke he suffered a few yrs back a long with having 2 children and she herself suffering from arthritis. She never complains and always puts her children and students first. She is very active in all the activities and organizing programs for her school and students. Tamela always has always taken time with her students and worked long hrs after school helping those that needs extra help.

Nominated By: Sylvia Corley-Drennan

Lexington 1

Jeffery O’Shields

Westwood High School

Mr. O’Shields is a hero by never giving up on students and coming in to class with a smile and tons of energy everyday to teach lessons. He cheered me up every time I get discouraged. He has a very good connection with his students.

Nominated By: Jada Pearson

Richland 2

Lynne Harling

Warrenville Elementary School

This teacher cares deeply about her students. She ensures that when they enter her classroom, they feel safe, loved, and important. She has been teaching for 34 years and is constantly looking for ways to improve her instruction. Unlike many veteran teachers, she is eager to try new things if they will help students grow. She is often requested by her former students so that their children can receive the same love and support she gave them. She has been award The Golden Apple Award from a local news station and has been Teacher of the Year for her school and one of the top 5 Honor Court Teacher of the Year nominees for her district. She encourages all teachers, young and experienced, to strive to remain in the profession for the same reason they entered it – to make a difference in students’ lives. She is the epitome of a Teacher Hero.

Nominated By: Taylor Harling

Aiken County

Bethany Counts

Boundary Street Elementary

Mrs. Counts has embraced inclusion by accepting my daughter with Down syndrome into her Montessori classroom. She believes in my daughter and treats her just like any other student. Because of Mrs. Counts, my daughter is doing great in school and was even learning to read at the end of the school year. Mrs. Counts goes above and beyond for all of her students and gives them an early school experience that they are sure to remember and cherish.

Nominated By: Brooke Matthews


Breanna Allen

Jefferson Elementary

Breanna Allen is one of a kind , she’s caring ,loving and patient . She works with mild special Ed students along with every student that other teachers have problems with , Breanna has so much love for all the students she comes in contact with , her class consist of 2nd through 5th grade in one classroom . She has to multi-task to reach all the levels with something going on in her room alday long. She leaves her classroom to an open door to each teacher to assist with kids that kinda slow working . She deserves so much respect for always wanting to help , all in all she’s an awesome Teacher .

Nominated By: Bonnie Fulghum

Aiken county

Mrs. Tenika Chambers

Hillcrest Middle School

Mrs Chamber’s work is rooted in showing respect, demonstrating caring, and recognizing the intelligence of all the students at Hillcrest Middle School. Mrs. Chambers as a school counselor organizes campus visits for students to explore postsecondary education, especially helpful for students who would be the first in their family to attend college. Through her additional certification as a Mental Health counselor, Mrs. Chambers makes helpful mental health skills as common as CPR training at Hillcrest Middle School.

Nominated By: Mr. Adrian Goodman

Sumter School District

Clarissa Geddis

Hampton Elementary

Clarissa is my hero because of her tireless efforts to help sure her students feel successful and know that she is there for them. I know this because she’s my wife and I see her day in and day out looking for strategies or new ways to assist her kids-that’s what she calls them. She cares for each student in her class as though they are her own child and to me that’s what makes her such a great teacher and my personal hero.

Nominated By: Willard Geddis Jr

Hampton District One

Alex Turner

Spring Hill High School

Mr. Alex Turner embodies what every teacher should strive to be. As a chemistry teacher, he is challenged with the unparalleled task of making a subject based upon tiny molecules come to life. In his classroom, he works tirelessly to create lessons that tie into real world examples of STEM concepts such as ocean acidification, geology, pharmaceuticals, and even the National Parks. He is unconventional yet assures that students leave his class understanding the concepts of chemistry. The most important lessons students learn in his class are life lessons such as how to be a good citizen, leadership skills, teamwork, conflict resolution, and work ethic. He is always there when students need extra help or are going through a rough patch at home. Mr. Turner is compassionate, fun, dedicated, energetic, and the best role model you could ever have.

Nominated By: Anonymous

Lexington-Richland 5

Victoria Welch

Hannah Pamplico Elementary Middle

Mrs. Welch makes all of her students feel loved and smart. You can tell she loves being a teacher, and her students love being in her class. Many of her students grow up and seek her out to tell her things they still remember from her class.

Nominated By: Diana Myers

Florence 2

Larry Lawson

Meeting Street Academy

Larry is the schools music teacher. He teaches 3 year olds up to 6th grade. Had them make instruments out of everyday objects. He puts on amazing productions with amazing props. Most of which he pays for out of pocket. He works long after the children have gone home to build & paint sets, sew costumes, and to consumed create original scripts and music. He does so without complaining. He has also gotten the community together to send home a Thanksgiving meal (including a turkey) for each child so no one went hungry during the holiday. No one deserves this more.

Nominated By: Rachel Ratliff

Spartanburg district 7