Teacher Tributes

Stephanie Dabbs

Pine Tree Hill Elementary

She is a kind, loving, strict, innovative, creative kindergarten teacher – everything you want for your child in a teacher! Mrs. Dabbs used music, reading strategies, smart boards, chrome books, experiments, dress up days and more to capture the attention of her students. My son felt loved by her everyday, which made him ready to learn! I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. I just pray my little girl will also have her in a few years!

Nominated By: Becky Bean


Larry Lawson

Meeting Street Academy Spartanburg

All the things. Mr. Larry goes above and beyond to make sure that each student and their families are welcome and encouraged to fellowship together. From concerts to community events Larry Lawson is there cheering our school on—and he’s probably cooked the meal to celebrate!

Nominated By: Sherri Skelton

Spartanburg District 7

Ms. Nnenna Anoruo

Heyward Gibbes Middle School

The biggest obstacle teachers’ face with students is the addiction to screens and instant gratification. The goal in Ms. Anoruo’s Math/AVID classroom is to create deep and impactful relationships with her students to teach them that in life they must work for what they want. When they can work hard to achieve their goals in her class and see that hard works pays off, then they truly know what it means to be a lifelong learner.

Nominated By: Mr. Adrian Goodman

Richland School District One

Mrs. Tracey Graham Richards

Heyward Gibbes Middle School

Mrs. Richards shares her passion for reading with her students and considers it a gift. Teaching them the love of reading and getting to watch them grow in their excitement for books is her favorite thing to witness in her classroom. Her students come from so many different backgrounds and bring so many different issues to school with them each day that getting to show them that they can escape real life and travel anywhere within the pages of their book is her hope for them.

Nominated By: Mr. Adrian Goodman

Richland School District One

Wendy Hollingsworth

Oakbrook Elementary’s School

Mrs. Hollingsworth was calm, had a lot of patience, and didn’t have favorites. Both of my children had her and view her as one of their favorites of all time. She taught 4th grade and left an impact on many students.

Nominated By: Lee Tyler

Dorchester District 2

Alaina Fowler

Holly springs

My children’s K-5 teacher is a hero- half super hero!!! My daughter was very shy and scared and Mrs. Fowler feels like a little bit of home. I can see how much she truly loves and cares for her students it is evident in every interaction. She also helps me too as a parent letting go of your child when they start school is so hard they cry and we cry too, but knowing my babies are in her care puts me at ease. I know in all things she has each child’s best interest and thoughts and feelings in mind.
She is gracious, patient and has a loving warm spirit towards all her students. They learn so much and come home feeling great about their learning because she builds them up. She’s silly when needed, stern when needed and soft when needed. This is a teacher who you always remember a teacher who impacts a child’s life. She makes a difference!!!

Nominated By: Melanie Snyder

Spartanburg District 1

Kelly Reser

Rollings Middle School of the Arts

Mrs. Reser cares about every one of her students. We all have challenges and have IEPs but she makes us feel like we can do anything. She believes in us and is our number one supporter. She comes to our outside activities even though she has her own children. Mrs. Reser reaches out to our parents and supports them too. She is absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t have made it through middle school without her.

Nominated By: Luke Jones

Dorchester 2

Heidi rose

Easley Christian. School

She loves every child that walks into her classroom the exact way that they need to be loved. My daughter has a severe anxiety disorder and Mrs. Rose was by far the best teacher I have ever seen. She loved my girl on the good days and the bad days. She has sat and cried with me and helped to hug my girl with me. She invests every ounce of her being into these little people. She has the calling and gift of a teacher.

Nominated By: Heather Bradford

Pickens county

Larry lawson

Meeting street academy spartanburg

Mr larry goes above and beyond from field trips to new york with the 5th graders to putting on the schools musicals 2 times a year some of which he writes. His devotion to all students by enriching their lives with music and drama. Unending volunteer hours for all school functions and food.

Nominated By: Jason Nichols

District 7 spartanburg sc

Kayla short

West view Elemantary

At the beginning of the year I was nervous about my son starting 3rd grade with no friends in his class and a new teacher. Ms Short used to teach middle school science.
But Ms Short was the perfect fit. She had something to motivate the kids and fit their needs. They started to take brain breaks in the morning outside. Her class library is amazing and the kids could always take books home. She did small experiments and steam activities incorporated into the lesson. And had a fair reward system.
Not to say that her students are her kids, that’s she loved like her own. I know that both, my son and I will miss her next year.

Nominated By: Katherine Ochsenfarth