Teacher Tributes

Mr. Tager

Lexington Technology Center

He tries his hardest to make everyone feel included and is also my FFA advisor and pushes me to compete in competitions and become better. He also designated your learning to the things that the students want to learn and makes it fun. He is always very welcoming and kind.

Nominated By: Loni Mckenzie

Lexington District One

Brittany Pool

White Knoll High School

Mrs. Pool is an excellent teacher who makes AP European History an easy subject despite the complex material it contains. Mrs. Pool is also very friendly and patient with all her students and never gives up on them despite how difficult they may be. She supports all her students throughout the course and is a hero to everyone of them.

Nominated By: Jordan duBarry

Lexington One

Ms. Soles

McColl Elementary/ Middle School

She supports me in what i want in life and watches out for me she thinks something is wrong. She also showed me that reading can be fun and entertaining and has me reading more than ever. <3

Nominated By: Krystina Danford

Marlboro County

emily mew

Mccoll elementary middle

she treats all her students equally and she is very understanding

Nominated By: layla williamson

marlboro county



Mrs parks is always happy she is always willing to give hugs and she makes your day

Nominated By: Kayleigh Leviner


Mary O’Connor

Lugoff-Elgin High School

Ms. O’Connor has a strong rapport and connection with her students. Her endless energy can be seen on the stage when she is the actor AND when her students are the actors. She is creative and energetic and is willing to try new things, without complaining!

Nominated By: Regina McDonald

Kershaw County Schools

Lindsay Alexander

Lugoff-Elgin High School

Mrs. Alexander is organized, energetic and creative. Each semester she and the dance put on a phenomenal dance showcase that “wows” the community. She is excellent at what she does.

Nominated By: R. McDonald

Kershaw County Schools

Ivory Howard

Harleyville-Ridgeville Elementary School

She really helped me through all of my problems. She knew everything about me and basically my life story. It’s really hard for me to talk to people sometimes because it makes me uncomfortable, but with her it was easy. She’s my guardian angel and a second mom to me. I love her a lot. She helped me crawl out of a dark place and for that, she is forever my hero.

Nominated By: Jade Hyles

Dorchester District 4

Ms. Autumn Heart

Harleyville - Ridgeville Middle School

Because she is very caring and thoughtful. Every time I see her I get happy. Not really sure what I would do without her.

Nominated By: Kathy Barfield

Dorchester School District 4

Ebony Johnson

Harleyville- Ridgeville Middle School

She really helped me with English this year.

Nominated By: Da'Nayshia Felder

Dorchester District 4