Teacher Tributes

Elizabeth Humphrey

Robert E Howard Middle School

Mrs. Humphrey has been in the district for over five years. Her dedications to the students at Howard is beyond exceptional. She give her all to her students during her daily teaching as well as outside the classroom by working in her community. Mrs. Humphrey has built relationship with the parents as well as the students. She’s energetic, loves to dance and has a humble spirit. She greets her students in the morning always with a smile, and during bus duty she high fives the students, even shoot basketball in the gym with them after her long day of teaching. Many of he students call her “Mom”, because of the support she gives them making them feel at home when at school. At the end of the year she threw a cookout for her students, the support that came from her parents and students were all from the heart. She’s the real hero. As the student would call her Mrs. Hump.

Nominated By: Anonymous

Orangeburg 5 School District

Herman Jamison Jr

Brookdale Elementary School

Mr. Jamison is a hero in so many ways. Everyday he goes to work willing to make a change in children’s lives. Not only does he challenge his children academically, he challenges them emotionally and mentally to overcome their own personal situations. Just a few weeks ago, Mr. Jamison and a fellow coworker felt the need to reward their students for participating in extracurricular activities. Together the raised money and gathered help from the community. to host an Athletic banquet for their children making it a night to remember. He often refuses to place himself in the spotlight because he always believes that it’s all about the children !

Nominated By: Ashley Thurman

Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5

Cathy Lawrence


What makes Mrs. Lawrence a teacher hero is rescuing students year after year. She has a passion to teach and reach students. Her philosophy of education is that all students can learn if and when given an opportunity to do. She also believes that all children are entitle to an affordable equality education. Her classroom management is great with daily routines and procedures. Great Teacher hero with High Expectations

Nominated By: Vernon

Orangeburg Five

ShaVon Johnson Summers

Edisto Primary School

Ms. Summers is a hero because she goes above and beyond for her students. She shops and spends a lot of her personal funds to provide needs for all of her students to make them successful.
She spends countless hours at home planning and preparing for her students.

Nominated By: Dr. Yvonne G. Johnson

Orangeburg Consolidated School District 4


Hillcrest high school

He’s nice and caring and love everyone and always willing to give help or advice about anything

Nominated By: Collin Whitfield

Greenville county

Mr. Coates

Hillcrest High School

He’s really helpful and he’s a good person.

Nominated By: Seth Fowle

Greenville County School

Patterson Coates

Hillcrest High School

He is honest, funny, always there for kids, always knows what exactly to say, and actually teaches us kids.

Nominated By: Emily Godfrey


Mr. Coates

Hillcrest High School

Mr. Coates is the best teacher ever hands down. His class was super fun when we were working. The way he teaches is the best. He made up some of the best analogies to help us remember some of the harder things in the course. All in all people who get Mr. Coates as a teacher are super lucky and are going to have a lot of fun.

Nominated By: Sequoia Caldwell

Greenville County

Patterson coates

Hillcrest high school

Mr.Coates is a really nice guy. He teaches education outside of school as well as inside. He motivates us everyday and have an occasional laugh for the class. Patterson just really brightens my day.

Nominated By: Daniel Wright

Greenville county

Teresa Rozakos

League Academy of Communication Arts

Teresa Rozakos teaches, coaches, directs, monitors, and advises and entire 6th grade academic team, an athletic department, and a family. She is underpaid, overworked, and not appreciated to the fullest capacity. She serves and impacts more individuals in a school calendar year than a politician ever will in a lifetime career.

Nominated By: Philip Gibble

Greenville County Schools