Teacher Tributes

Mrs. Sloan

bryson middle school

She is a hero because no matter what she was always there for you. She helps you with everything you need help on and she will put a smile on your face. She teaches very well and explains everything out. She was my 6th grade teacher and now im in 7th and i miss her teaching and her stories and everything she did. She is brave and funny

Nominated By: Adamaris Kussmaul

greenville county

Caroline Duncan

Pelham Road Elementary

Mrs. Duncan is a kind, gentle, caring soul. She has gone above and beyond for her students this year. If I had a question or concern she responds that day! Evan had a hard time for a bit and she stepped right in when the guidance counselor didn’t return my phone call. She genuinely cares about each and every student. I will miss her next year!

Nominated By: Amy Garner

Greenville County

Tracy Winetroub

Pelham Road Elementary

Our Instructional Coach has brought so much to PRES. She helps adults and students alike. She is there for us whenever needed and always puts others first. She strives to keep us moving forward, even when it’s sometimes uncomfortable. Her positive energy is motivating for me and our grade level. Mrs. Winetroub is a great leader and we teachers and students are fortunate to have her. She’s a true #teacherhero

Nominated By:


Karen Phoenix

Stone Academy

All I wanted was for my child to love going to school. Kindergarten isn’t a make or break year, but it sure can set the tone for a new student in school to either look forward to her time in the classroom or to dread it. Ms. Phoenix, with her firm hand and gentle spirit instilled a great love of learning in both my daughters; taught them to look forward to their time at school. She shows her students that magic happens on the carpet, in the learning centers, on the playground, at the apple orchard; learning can occur everywhere and anywhere the right people their pointing it out to you. She is without a doubt a hero to the many kids (and parents) over three decades for whom she gave the best possible start to school.

Nominated By: Alexandra Read Smith


Mrs. Cox

Brushy Creek Elementary

Very connected with the kids. She was my daughters teacher for two years since she rotated up. She also knows how to be both friend and mentor.

Nominated By: Melinda Bitterman


Mrs .Pennington.


This teacher Mrs. Pennington is one of the best because I always used to get in trouble. She always pushed me to the limit every single time at wanting me to better myself and to do better in school. When she teaches, she always gives us so many experiences in different ways just so she can try to help us go to fourth grade.

Nominated By: Nazia Turner


Mr.s Pennington

Chandler Creek Elementary

She teaches us so much about different things. She fixes all of our problems when we tell her. She also tells us all sorts of jokes. Learning was fun in her room! This is why she is my teacher hero.

Nominated By: Christopher Casey


Ken Minton

Tanglewood Middle School

He is a really good role model

Nominated By: Ramses Reyes

Greenville County

Dawn Greene

O.P. Earle Elementary

Ms. Greene teaches a self contained special needs class at O.P. Earle Elementary School. She teaches my 3rd grade daughter who was diagnosed with autism when she was 3 years old. My child was considered non verbal and she was unable to consistently demonstrate what she knows until she became a part of Ms. Greene’s classroom two years ago. When she arrived to Ms. Greene’s class, she was embraced and encouraged to do her very best. Because of the LOVE that Ms. Greene has shown my daughter, my daughter is able to read now and she is able communicate with all of us and she continues to get better every single day! Ms. Greene’s commitment and high expectations of her children, rescues them from a world of frustration and confusion. She meets them where they are and pushing them to reach their greatest potential. Ms. Greene’s students are not able to tell her thank you or organize any type of recognition for her. Therefore, I felt compelled as a grateful parent, to nominate Ms. Greene for this honor! She deserves this and so much more. Ms. Greene is a true TEACHER HERO!

Nominated By: Latonia Copeland

Spartanburg School District One


Chandler Creek

What makes Mrs.Henderson a hero is she helped us when we need her. I also learned a lot from
her because she was a great teacher.

Nominated By: Gavin Jason Denies