Teacher Tributes

Mrs. Reeves

Chandler Creek

She helped me write.

Nominated By: Amber Staggs




She is a super hero teacher because she stands up for me when I am scared like talking in front of the class.

Nominated By: Kori Jones


Lauren Smith

League Academy

Ms. Smith is a learner just like her students! She is constantly preparing and studying to be full-on ready for every class of ELA she teaches. She honors her students by investing in them with genuine care and concern. From courtroom trials between the Montagues and Capulets to one-on-one morning assistance, Ms. Smith makes learning exciting and available. Coach Smith also mentors her middle school ladies on the soccer field leading them to be the 2018 Middle School Soccer Champs! I am proud to be her colleague and friend!

Nominated By: Dana Swartzel

Greenville County

Mrs. Lynn Pennington

Chandler Creek Elementary

Mrs. Pennington is a member of DLC . She teaches us new things. She teaches us math. She does fun things with us. She does centers with us. We use are chrome books.Sshe is nice and kind.

Nominated By: Alsion Lopez

Greenville SC

Mrs. LynnPennington

Chandler Creek

Mrs.Pennington is a member of DLC. She has taught me a lot of new things this year using technology. For example, when to capitalize letters, and many strategies to help me read English better. We also did a project on solids and liquids and many others. We also did centers and I learned that there are many different kinds of quadrilaterals. I really have learned to read English much better because of the way Mrs. P taught me. She is a great teacher and will help me when I don’t understand. She is my hero teacher.

Nominated By: Bricia Moreno


Mrs Lynn Pennington

Chandler creek

Mrs. Pennington is a member of a DLC . She did centers with us. We learned many different things in centers. We worked together to figure out things. She helped us. We did projects. We dressed up to do readers theater.
It was so much fun! Mrs. Pennington is my teacher hero.

Nominated By: Yanileth Oritz



Chandler Creek

She helped me do my work and cared about me. Also she worried if I was good or not. She did fun things to help me and other kids do there work, and to help it get stuck in our heads.To this I still like Ms. McNeil if I see her in the hallway I or her will say hi.That is why I think Ms.McNeil is the best she could be to help us make learning fun then what it is really is. I love Ms. McNeil.

Nominated By: Julissa Paiz Antonio


Mrs. Lynn Pennington

Chandler Creek

Mrs. Pennington helped me when I came to this school. She helps me with my Math. I learned more Math because of the centers. I understand better because of how she teaches. She uses technology a lot and it makes learning fun. Mrs. P is my teacher hero.

Nominated By: Cindy Cruz

Greenville, SC

Mrs Henderson

Chandler Creek

She was very nice and kind. She always helped me when I needed it. She helped me learn a lot of new things.She was always pushing me to do my best.

Nominated By: Kendall Powell

Greenville SC

Karen Phoenix

Stone Academy

Karen Phoenix has been teaching at Stone Academy since before it was an arts magnet school. Back then Stone was more of an inner city school, and Ms. Phoenix is one of the only African American teachers to have worked at the school. As a result she has mentored many African American students in addition to just loving ALL of her students no matter their race, socioeconomic status, intelligence level, etc. She is everything a teacher should be – firm and loving simultaneously; caring; hard-working. She challenges her students to reach new heights while they never doubt her love for them

Nominated By: Cathy Stevens