Teacher Tributes

Mrs. Guillun

Tangle wood middle

She is cool.

Nominated By: Camron sweet

Greenville school district

Ken Minton

Tangle Wood Middle School

Mr. Minton has changed me a lot and has taught me many things in life that no one would ever say to me. He has been there for the ups and downs and taught me everything I needed to know. He helps me when I need it and no one could ever replace him.

Nominated By: Alanna Meadows

Greenville County

Ken Minton

Tanglewood Middle School

He Always does his best to help his students. He finds new ways to make class better, as well as his students. Mr. Minton makes the class fun to be in, while teaching his students what they need to learn.

Nominated By: Saumarra Hiles

Greenville SC 29611

Mrs. Guillen

Tanglewood Middle School

She will help you. She is the best social studies teacher ever! Thanks Mrs.Guillen.

Nominated By: Alexis Crotts

Greenville county

Miss Hall


She is always there when i need her.

Nominated By: hattie


Sarah Gillespie

Lexington High School Technology Center

Mrs. G is one of the only teachers I’ve had who actually takes the time to connect with her students which makes her class fun. She listens to the opinions of her students and adjusts her class activities to make everyone happy. Mrs. G is the best

Nominated By: J

Lexington School District 1

Victoria Willis

Lexington Technology Center

She cared about what we liked and cared about getting to know us. She tried everyday to make her lessons fun and helped us to really understand what we were learning.

Nominated By: Jordyn Gill

Lexington School Dostrict 1

Victoria Gillis

Lexington Technology Center

She is very nice and is a great teacher

Nominated By: Kirstina Gleaton

Lexington School District 1

Victoria Willis

Lexington Technology Center

She would always help us and make learning fun. She had great relationships with us, just wanting to tell her thank you for everything!

Nominated By: Fiona cheatham

Lexington district one

Mrs. Sarah Fisher

White Knoll High school

She has our back no matter what. She cares about all of us even how annoying we are.

Nominated By: Alisha Thomson

Lexington 1