Teacher Tributes

Danielle Tarvin

White Knoll High School

Ms. Tarvin shows a lot of dedication to her work and always does her best to make the class comfortable with the lesson and enforces student learning. She is very kind hearted and loves building relations with her students and always makes sure everyone is doing their best in the class. She made journalism really fun with all kinds of projects and was very helpful during the article writing process. Ms. Tarvin deserves appreciation for all the hard work she puts into her lessons to make everyone more interested in the topics.

Nominated By: Eliza Elizondo

Lexington School District 1

Mary Domenech

White Knoll High School

Sra. Domenech is my Spanish immersion teacher and she is my hero because she does everything in her power to give us the best education she can. She make sure that we know everything there is about the Spanish culture and language. She is the best teacher I have ever had because she tries, and most definitely succeeds, to relate to us as a class and for that she has impacted my life greatly I will never forget her.

Nominated By: Chezney Crosby

Lexington School District 1

Mrs. Lett

White Knoll High School

At the time, she was a teacher at White Knoll High School she taught English and Public Speaking. Public Speaking was the class that I met her in, and I honestly didn’t want to take the class. Throughout the years, I started to understand structures in speaking and HOW to speak in front of others. Mrs. Lett gave me enough confidence to speak my mind and express how I feel out in the real world. The one class as a freshman, that made me less confident and nervous to speak in front of others, was Leadership 21.

Nominated By: Autumn Dove


Shannon Franklin

Lake City Early Childhood Center

Mrs. Franklin goes above and beyond for her students. She builds loving relationships with her students and parents. The students in her classroom learn through many fun ways. She’s always coming up with fun raps and art crafts for her students. She is also her school’s 2017 2018 Teacher of the Year.

Nominated By: Leslie Wright

Florence County School District Three

Tammi Lee

HCS Early College High School

Mrs. Tammi Lee has been my biggest inspiration since the day that I started high school. She pushed and motivated me to become the person I am today. She ensures that all her students understand that we are capable of doing whatever we set out minds on. I had her as my Advisor throughout high school and as my PE teacher. As a PE teacher, she makes sure that we understand that our bodies are capable of doing whatever we want them to do. She motivated me to start exercising more, eating healthier, and to overall challenge myself. Every student who has had her for PE would agree that she is the ideal teacher. When you start to give up on yourself and lose motivation, she is there to push you to an extent of which you truly are capable of doing. Whenever you have reached your max, she provides positive feedback and makes you feel amazing for getting to where you are. As an advisor, she provides a plethora of opportunities to help you succeed, grow, learn, and develop into a leader. She pushes us to work together, use critical thinking, communication, social responsibility, and personal responsibility skills in order to become leaders and team-players. She makes us give back to our community by going to Animal Shelters, doing Community Clean ups and beach sweeps, and spread awareness of the environment. As an environmentalist, she informs of our actions and how we can heal the planet. I have never met someone who is as well-rounded as her. Because of her, I grew a passion towards the environment and have won several awards relating to environmentalism. Additionally, I became a leader and even graduated as my high school’s Valedictorian. I accomplished over 400 hours of community service in high school because she was there to push me and simply be there for me. She helped me become who I am. Now, I’m in college working to become a teacher just like her. I want to be there for my students and motivate them the way she motivated me. I look up to her because she helped make me who I am. Without her, the world would be a colder place. Through her commitment to establishing a community of love and positivity, she has made a difference in countless amounts of lives, including my own. She truly is my inspiration, motivation, and my hero.

Nominated By: Alex Del Castillo

Horry County Schools

Kandace Sullivan

Gilbert Middle School

Mrs. Sullivan is not just an amazing teacher, but an amazing woman. She was my 6th grade math and science teacher and was the first teacher to see potential in me as a student. She has since inspired me to be a teacher as well. She was my cooperating teacher for my field placement in Teacher Cadet, during which my father fell ill. While my father was in the hospital, Mrs. Sullivan came to the hospital to support myself and my family. She cooked us dinner, helped us with errands. You name it, she did it. She took time away from herself and her own family to make sure my family was ok. Eventually my father passed away. At his funeral I had a number of passed and current teachers, but Mrs. Sullivan stood out the most in the crowd. She had become a part of my family. I will never be able to repay her what she has give us. That’s why Mrs. Sullivan is and will forever by my teacher hero

Nominated By: Wilson Wiggins

Lexington School District 1

Kelly Phillips

Andrew Jackson Middle School

Mrs. Phillips was the best teacher I have ever had. She pushed me beyond my limits. She was hard but encouraging. She showed no special treatment. She supported her students outside of school too, at sporting events and concerts. She put in hundred ten percent effort and expected the same from her students. Mrs. Phillips has a a major impact on my life.

Nominated By: Megan Phillips

Lancaster County

Mrs. Chante Sims, Band Director

Heyward Gibbes Middle School

Mrs. Chante Sims says working with the students is the best part of her day! Her band has won quite a few awards. Mrs. Sims sells the kids on music, and makes it a worthwhile thing to be a part of an organization like band. Her students feel like a family, a place to belong knowing that if you work hard, you will reap the benefits of those rewards. Mrs. Sims goes the extra mile for students everyday to help them succeed, not just with music, but at school in general. She promotes hard work, discipline and respect for others.

Nominated By: Adrian Goodman

Richland School District One

Fredda Haley

Nevitt Forest

Fredda has made it through her first year of teaching learning every step of the way. Fredda does what it takes to reach her kids and never gives up! I’m blessed to work with her and beside her each day!

Nominated By: Maghan Churchill

Anderson District 5

Mrs. Ayanna Mayes

Heyward Gibbes Middle School

Mrs. Ayanna Mayes is the Library Media Specialist at Heyward Gibbes Middle School. Since taking on the role as Library Media Specialist, she has become the resident expert and technology coach.  Her willingness to teach students and adults how to use technology to enhance the learning process is invaluable.  When Mrs. Mayes isn’t working in the Library Media Center, she can usually be found assisting a classroom teacher with anything to ensure that their day is a good one. She is a true team player that is committed to the students and faculty of Heyward Gibbes Middle School and Richland School District One.

Nominated By: Adrian Goodman

Richland School District One