Teacher Tributes

Shannon Franklin

Lake City Early Childhood Center

Mrs. Franklin goes above and beyond for her students. She builds loving relationships with her students and parents. The students in her classroom learn through many fun ways. She’s always coming up with fun raps and art crafts for her students. She is also her school’s 2017 2018 Teacher of the Year.

Nominated By: Leslie Wright

Florence County School District Three

Jeremy Burns

Southside Middle School

This teacher always takes the time out of his day to make sure I am okay, he helps me with issues that I might have. He makes it his top priority to make sure I am doing what is right, and honestly he’s just like my second father.

Nominated By: Ebony Austin

Florence School District One

Sara Lynn May

Greenwood Elementary

She is just so good with kids. She loves and cares for me when I am not feeling the best. She also sends me inspiring emails during the day to keep me going. Miss May is one of the best teachers in the world. She deserves the best.

Nominated By: Jennings Thompson

Florence School District One

Mrs. Clary

South Side Middle

She is very kind, patient, and always seems happy. She is always helpful too. If you were to have a problem, she would help you to figure it out. If you couldn’t do work for some reason, she would find a way to help you get it done!

Nominated By: Eden Barnes


Matthew Peake AKA Mr.Peake

southside middle school

my teacher is always there for me. He is like my best friend, if something is happening in my life and I need to talk about it he stops every thing and listens to what I have to say. He has helped me and is now my best friend.

Nominated By: mariana elvington

Florence school district 1

Mr. T. Clary

Southside Middle School

He is the best teacher ever, he is nice and fun. He makes school fun unlike some teachers make school horrible.  Coach Clary is one of the best of the teachers. If I had to pick a teacher of the year it would be him.

Nominated By: Jasmine Mullins


James Hapeman

southside middle

He teaches with passion and cares about his students. He loves us all and takes down time to help us all.

Nominated By: Jaci Driggers


Gloria Turner

southside middlemschool

Ms. Turner is always encouraging and wants the best for us! She wants us to succeed in school!

Nominated By: mary


Mrs. Perkins

Southside Middle School

She has helped me with my passion of pursuing music.

Nominated By: Matthew Floyd

Florence School District One

Ashley Livingston

Southside Middle School

She always helps me when I need it. I can talk to her about ANY and EVERY thing. She is like a mom to me. I haven’t known her that long , but I’ve known her long enough to know that she is the BEST.

Nominated By:

Florence School District 1