Teacher Tributes

Mr. Murrie

Briggs Elementary

He helped his other students and I learn and understand so much more about world history, and all the while helping us stay interested and focused. He is a great teacher and one of the things that make a good teacher is caring and he definitely does.

Nominated By: Anna Caroline Stone

Florence School District One

David Mcevoy

southside middle school

He makes learning a journey to fun town. He makes learning super fun and exciting.

Nominated By: Carlee Price

Florence school district one

Christy Bishop

Southside Middle School

She is super nice. She does what she can to make people happy and to learn the best way possible. She gives us what we need to learn and understand. By far Mrs.Christy Bishop is my favorite teacher.

Nominated By: Starla Flores-Hunt


Earnest Timmons

Southside Middle School

Mr. Timmons is a HERO because the way he presents himself makes others look up to him. He works long hours, uses his own resources for classroom supplies. Mr. Timmons is a counselors, advocates, is a friend , and is a sergeant. He sees the potential where others see dashed hopes and dreams. Also, he sees the light bulb in a child’s mind turn on. But one thing is certain, Mr. Timmons brings out the most amazing results! Think that subject is too difficult for you to learn? He is there to tell you that you CAN do it!

Nominated By: Jerrie Singletary

District 1

Emily Knight

SouthSide Middle School

She pushes us to try our best and she breaks the information down so we can understand it.

Nominated By: Zy'Keariah Taylor


Gloria Turner

Southside Middle School

Mrs. Turner is the best drama teacher ever and she has really made my 8th grade year awesome. This school year she told us that she had Breast Cancer and that really shocked me because she looked fine. Every day she came in with a smile on her face and that made me smile because theres a lady that is battling cancer and she creates the enviroment that everythings fine and she’s going to be okay. She is now CANCER FREE and that makes me really happy because now I can go through the year knowing she going to be fine. The biggest thing I’ve learned from watching her through the school year is that we might face obsticles in our life that bring us down but dont let that stop you from your happiness.

Nominated By:

Florence District 1

Robin Voss

Southside Middle School

Ms. Voss helps many people daily, and she’s made a positive impact on my life; I will never be the same because of her.

Nominated By: Liam Slattery


Mr. Burns

southside middle school

He makes an impact on us and makes learning science easier.  I never understood science and never really could understand it but now that we have Mr. Burns at South Side as an 8th grade teacher he really makes an impact on me.  A lot of people welcome him as a new teacher this year at South Side but we also welcome and thank him for being an amazing teacher and for everything he does!

Nominated By: Haley Leviner


Mr. Burns

southside middle school

Mr. Burns is a very nice and funny teacher. He has made science fun and easier to understand. I have him as a teacher at South Side where he makes science work so much easier. It is fun to walk into science class everyday, He has truly made an impact on us .

Nominated By: Haley Leviner

District One

Ms. Palliser

Southside Middle School

Cause I have an A in her class.

Nominated By: Essence

Florence district 1